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  • DragonBall Z Episode 14 – Princess Snake

    DragonBall Z Episode 14 – Princess Snake

    Watch DragonBall Z episode 14 here! Back on Snake Way, Goku comes across a house he believes might belong to King Kai! Unfortunately, the dwelling is inhabited by Princess Snake, and she’ll do anything to keep Goku as her prisoner forever!

  • DragonBall AF Sprite Video

    DragonBall AF Sprite Video

    With the recent success of featuring Goku vs Evil Goku by RedHeadHenry, we have decided to post about yet another amazing series of DragonBall sprite videos. These being entitled DragonBall: AfterLife and follows the storyline of Goku jr. and Vegeta jr. with plenty of familiar faces as well.

  • DragonBall Ultimate Butoden Scans

    DragonBall Ultimate Butoden Scans

    We recently showed off one scan for the Nintendo DS game DragonBall Kai: Ultimate Butoden from V-Jump. We now have several more scans from that issue here, which reveals more screenshots and details for this upcoming game that releases February 3rd, 2011.

  • Dragonball Evolution Cast: Where Are They Now?

    Dragonball Evolution Cast: Where Are They Now?

    Despite Dragonball Evolution’s failure in 2009, most of the starring cast continued to move onto brand new projects. And seeing how 20th Century FOX has not stated anything official concerning a sequel or reboot to the Dragonball movie, I figured I would make a small article informing you all what exactly the former cast is up to and why they currently do not have the time for a Dragonball sequel.

  • New Emmy Rossum Interview

    New Emmy Rossum Interview

    In a recent interview with TvLine concerning the new show “Shameless”, Emmy Rossum was asked about a Bulma Dragonball Evolution action figure. The show “Shameless” (which premiered on Showtime recently) also stars Justin Chatwin who played Goku in Dragonball Evolution.

  • DragonBall Z Streaming Details

    DragonBall Z Streaming Details

    FUNimation revealed they would be streaming the entire DragonBall anime series online. They have now confirmed via their twitter and blog that the DBZ episodes will be from the “orange brick” season sets which include the dubbed version with music by Bruce Faulconer and the subtitled version with the original Japanese score.

  • New Dragonball Evolution Promo Shots

    New Dragonball Evolution Promo Shots

    As promised, here are some brand new promo shots of James Marsters as Piccolo from Dragonball Evolution. Several of these pictures feature Piccolo using a sword which was never seen in the film. There are also a few new Piccolo vs. Goku uncut stills included as well.

  • More Dragonball Evolution Movie Stills

    More Dragonball Evolution Movie Stills

    We have received more movie stills for Dragonball Evolution, which can be viewed here. Unfortunately it would appear that this bunch of images is mainly just high quality screenshots from the finalized film, although there are a couple new stills.

  • Submit Fan Works

    Submit Fan Works

    We have decided to open a section up in the menu that contains fan-created material (i.e. fan art, fiction, games, videos, etc.), so if you have some DragonBall related fan work and would like to see it displayed here on DBLegends, then continue reading this entry.

  • Dragonball Evolution on HBO and More

    Dragonball Evolution on HBO and More

    For anyone that’s interested, Dragonball Evolution is now being shown on HBO (it premiered on the network today). And speaking of DB Evolution, we should be receiving more unseen promo shots/stills of Piccolo (James Marsters) and possibly other characters from the movie soon. So stayed tuned for that.

  • DragonBall Complete Collection Box Art

    DragonBall Complete Collection Box Art

    The box art for the upcoming DragonBall “complete collection” DVD set has been revealed. This set includes all four of the DragonBall movies, which is: Curse of the Blood Rubies, Mystical Adventure, Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle and The Path to Power. It’ll include both the English and uncut Japanese versions. The release date is February 8th, 2011.

  • Watch Dragonball Evolution

    Watch Dragonball Evolution

    You can now watch the live-action movie adaptation of DragonBall, Dragonball Evolution, here at DB Legends. Dragonball Evolution occurs during the arcs of Piccolo mixed with several sagas from the entire DragonBall series (including the first, the “Goku” saga), though it loosely follows the story.

  • Dragon Box Z Volume 6 Release Date

    Dragon Box Z Volume 6 Release Date

    According to Right Stuff, the release date for the sixth volume of the Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box sets has been confirmed as July 5th, 2011. The same site also pushed back the release date for Dragon Box volume 5 to April 26, 2011. Right Stuff has been very reliable in the past and usually has items available for pre-order before websites such as Amazon.

  • New DragonBall Online English Patch

    New DragonBall Online English Patch

    The DragonBall Online Community have recently released a brand new English patch for the PC MMORPG game, DragonBall Online. There are some negatives concerning this new patch though, as it still does not translate the following: skill/item names and effects, monster/NPC names, quest text or player messages in a different language.