Affiliation is more than exchanging links, it is a partnership. And by that I don’t mean it is ok to copy each others content without permission since you’re “affiliates”, but more of a friendship and being more than willing to help one another out. Exchaning links is a plus so I do not mind doing so for the smaller sites out there. Anyways, if you wish to affiliate with Dragonball Legends, then read the following requirements and submit your website via the contact form below or by emailing me directly at [email protected].

- Must have a clean layout that is easy to navigate.
- Original content (Sourced news posts are ok).
- Updated frequently.
- Please, no pop ups. I do know sometimes even Google Adsense wants to throw one here and there, but please…nothing drastic.
- An established community (A small fan base via comments/forums is acceptable)
- Must be Dragon Ball or Anime related. Gaming sites as well, but only if I REALLY like the site.
No required visits.

Just remember that I do have the final say. And even if your site fails to meet this criteria I will more than likely add your site to our ‘soon to come’ fan sites (links) section.

Please label the email subject something referring to ‘affiliation’ or ‘exchange links’.

Site Name : Dragonball Legends
Site URL :
Site Description : Site dedicated to Dragon Ball movie and anime news.

Good luck!

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