BardocksEliteTeam 150x150 Gine the Mother of Son GokuAlong with the announcement of a possible new Dragon Ball Z movie, Akira Toriyama has revealed Son Goku’s mother! Her name is Gine and was once a member of Bardock’s fighting team. She began to have strong feelings for Bardock after he saved her several times. Her character will be featured in the upcoming bonus chapters of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman which are set to release April 4th 2014, so stay tuned for that. But it also very possible this ties in with the next Dragon Ball Z movie possibly starring Vegeta.

Stay tuned for full scans of this latest issue of Saikyo Jump and full translations.

son goku  s family by lucho1395 d5ok0st 1024x925 Gine the Mother of Son Goku

saikyojumpvegeta Gine the Mother of Son Goku

Source: Mission Tokyo