Download Battle of Gods Soundtrack

bogcd1 100x100 Download Battle of Gods SoundtrackWe have uploaded the full Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods official soundtrack to our extensive Dragon Ball music collection. You can download all 43 songs from the album individually. Download all the tracks either below or in our music section, enjoy! (Right click>Save as)

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Soundtrack

01 Deep Dark Space (The God of Destruction Awaked)
02 Bad Presentiment
03 I’m the Hero, Son Goku ~ _CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA_ (Main Title)
04 Bils’s Shadow Draws Near (Bils & Whis)
05 Bils’s Shadow Draws Near (Bils’s Premonitory Dream)
06 Bulma’s Birthday Party
07 Bils Appears
08 Kaioh in Panic
09 HERO (Goku’s Curiosity)
10 Power of a Super Saiyan 3
11 The Earth’s Crisis
12 Refreshed Memory
13 Bils’s Shadow Draws Near (Vegeta’s Unease)
14 Sumptuous Prize
15 The Pilaf Gang Drops In
16 The Pilaf Gang Runs Away
17 Sad and Silly Memory
18 Bils’s Shadow Draws Near (In Search of the Super Saiyan God)
19 Bingo Tournament Open
20 The Pilaf Gang Drops In (Baby Gang)
21 Bils’s Wrath
22 Fun Bingo
23 Bils and His Overwhelming Power
24 Vegeta Enraged
25 Indestructible Bils
26 Goku Appears
27 Shenlong Makes His Appearance
28 The Legendary God
29 The Chosen Warriors
30 One More Saiyan
31 Birth of the Super Saiyan God
32 Power of the Super Saiyan God
33 Goku Pinch
34 Struggling Against a God
35 HERO ~Kibou no Uta~ -Short Ver.-
36 Life to be Protected
37 The Limits of Life
38 Eternal Universe (Brand-new Friendship)
39 Desperate Situation
40 Eternal Universe (Parting)
41 Deep Dark Space (After the Battle)
42 CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (Peaceful Earth)