vjumpgod 63x300 New Super Saiyan Form in Battle of GodsUpdate: It has been confirmed.

Some rumors are spreading about a new Super Saiyan form beyond Super Saiyan 3 in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie Battle of Gods. It will be called “Super Saiyan God” in which (possibly) Goku achieves and giving the film’s title “Battle of Gods” some clarification. These rumors are said to originate from the upcoming issue of V Jump.

What do you guys think this form will look like? Has Akira Toriyama truly ignored GT and created a new Super Saiyan 4? Find out soon!

Update 3: The trailer is now live – http://www.dblegends.com/2013/02/new-battle-of-gods-trailer-premieres-super-saiyan-god-confirmed/

Update 2: A new trailer was shown in Japan confirming that Goku becomes a Super Saiyan God, look for it here soon!

Update: The image shown on the right is a snippet from the upcoming V Jump and does indeed translate to “Super Saiyan God”. We have confirmation and we will post any new information coming from this, so stay tuned.

OriginalSuperSaiyan e1361372395855 New Super Saiyan Form in Battle of Gods

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