Ocean’s Dragon Ball Kai Still Happening…Waiting for Buu Saga?

Scott Mcneil (Piccolo) has yet again confirmed that Ocean is indeed still working on their own version of Dragon Ball Kai. You can watch the videos below confirming this. Also, yesterday we reported that Toei Animation has decided to continue Kai to finish Dragon Ball Z with the Buu saga. So it is highly possible that we have not heard much from the crew of Ocean Studios concerning Dragon Ball Kai due to them wanting to wait until the Buu arcs are finished.

We have received rumors that we will see Ocean Kai once Toei finishes up the Buu saga. Be sure to keep posted to DB Legends as we receive new information on this! 2013 will be a big year for the Dragon Ball series with the upcoming official Dragon Ball Z animated movie, DBZ Kai continuation, Ocean’s version of Kai and much more!