Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Confirmed

The upcoming Ultra Jump magazine in Japan has confirmed the title for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie to be “Battle of Gods” (Kami to Kami). So the poster we have revealed a few days ago was indeed real. The page not only confirms the title for this movie but also Akira Toriyama’s involvement and how he came up with the story and character designs. The following scan from Ultra Jump reads:

The curtain rises on the battle of “God(s)”!!!

What is this title surrounded by mystery, “Battle of Gods (Kami to Kami)”…?!
The film’s title has been announced as “Battle of Gods”!! Up to now, a variety of gods have appeared in Dragon Ball, but could it be that there’s a connection to them…?! Be on the lookout for further information!!

vjump1 198x300 Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Confirmed

It also goes on to say that ticket for the movie Battle of Gods will go on sale in Japan starting December 15th. And here’s another scanning further confirming the title for this movie.

vjump2 57x300 Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Confirmed