Saiyan Saga Reshoots Tomorrow – Expect New Images

K&K productions will be doing the final shots for their live action movie trailer, Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Saga tomorrow. All props such as the new and improved Saiyan armor and scouters are complete and the entire cast is excited to finish this film! Here are a few quotes from the cast and crew via Twitter.

David Cheung – Tien

Reshooting in dorset with @DBZ_Saiyan_Saga Team tomorrow, can’t wait for the action reshoots! Will be the best thing you’ll see this year!

Ryan Oliva – Nappa

@DBZ_Saiyan_Saga Thursday couldn’t come quicker. Nappa’s pumped & ready to rumble. Final scenes are gonna be #explosive

dbzssbanner Saiyan Saga Reshoots Tomorrow   Expect New Images

Peter Peralta – Goku

@DBZ_Saiyan_Saga fight scene with @AaronStunts locked, ready for the shoot on the 4th #DBZ #Goku

DBZ Saiyan Saga

Making the final preparations for tomorrows re-shoots. We are all exited and ready capture the new Saiyan armor on camera!

The Saiyan armor and other images will be revealed this Saturday, so stay tuned to DB Legends for the latest news on this DBZ movie trailer! And for those who have yet to see it, here is the old version of Vegeta’s Saiyan armor.

vegetadbzss 690x1024 Saiyan Saga Reshoots Tomorrow   Expect New Images