Remember the new Dragon Ball Z special “Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return!” from 2008? Well apparently there is a rumor going around that Todd Haberkorn (the English voice actor for Tarble from Raging Blast 2) stated that they in fact already dubbed the special when he was asked if he would voice Tarble in the movie special if FUNimation asked him to do so.

But, in a later interview at Oz Comic Con, Todd Haberkorn was again asked if they had worked on the Super Jump Special and simply replied they had not done so and have no plans in the near future of doing so. Chris Sabat basically said the same thing, you can listen to the interviews here and here for clarification.

600full dragon ball hey son goku and friends return screenshot e1350583070670 Rumor: FUNimation has Dubbed the Super Jump Special

But it is possible that Todd Haberkorn first told the truth about this but was not allowed to let this piece of news slip just yet so he had to lie at later time if he was asked again. we will

In case you missed the special, you can watch the full Japanese version (with English subtitles) here at Dragonball Legends!