The official Jump Festa website has updated it’s stage section with a message from Masako Nozawa (Japanese role of Son Goku) about the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie that releases next year. We only have a small portion of it translated for now, but stayed tuned. We have also provided a few quotes from Jumpa Festa’s twitter account. The movie’s tentative title is currently just Dragon Ball Z The Movie and will release March 30th 2013.

Message from Masako Nozawa
Heya! I’m Goku!
It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! I’m already excited about getting to meet everyone at Jump Festa! Let’s all have a ball together!!

stageLB kuroko07 Message from Masako Nozawa for DBZ 2013

Twitter Quotes
By the way, the priority of entry ticket ticket bleachers Jump Super stage that is attached to the SQ. DRAGON BALL Z is the only possible application stage and the theater version.

Entry ticket of ticket priority bleachers Jump Super stage, WJ on sale now, SQ., ~ I’ll be just in the strongest J! It is possible to apply DRAGON BALL Z “The Movie” “Darkness – - Ru To LOVE”. Aix “blue”, “new butenyl only” entry ticket SQ. Entry ticket WJ, J of the strongest applicants to be possible at all stages!