Just for a second here, let’s put aside the fact that 20th Century FOX still owns the rights to the Dragonball series and that they informed us that there are zero plans for a sequel or reboot. Rumors have been floating around that a new company with a brand new crew will pick up the rights to produce a live action Dragon Ball Z movie. And one of those rumors consists of Christopher Nolan (Batman trilogy) will be the director of the next adaptation of DragonBall.

This rumor is false because of the following:

  • 20th Century FOX still owns Dragonball.
  • FOX is helping distribute the official DragonBall Z 2013 animated movie.
  • The cast of Dragonball Evolution is still signed under contract to perform any sequels or future films.
  • Said cast is very busy with other projects at the moment.
  • Chris Nolan has plans for sequels to the Man of Steel movie which releases next year.

However, it is possible that FOX will re attempt to make a live action Dragonball film sometime in the future. But there are no official plans at the moment. I think FOX will take what they can with the upcoming DBZ 2013 animated film and go from there (let’s just hope FUNimation will dub this for the international release!). Only time will tell and you can be sure to hear anything official from us!

dragonball evolution goku Rumor: Chris Nolan to Direct DragonBall Reboot

[Article contributed from user tornado in our forums]