Turner Broadcasting System Asia has just announced that a new channel dedicated to Toonami will release early 2013 in southeast Asia. It will be a multi-language network that runs 24/7 and will feature plenty of anime and action-adventure animated series. DragonBall Z is on that list along with Young Justice and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

“The addition of Toonami and Cartoonito means that Turner will now offer a robust kids’ entertainment experience for all ages and interests. We’re bringing two of Turner’s highly successful international brands to Asia to meet a growing demand for premium quality action-adventure and younger-skewing content.”

“our aim is to make Toonami a socially-charged, multiplatform experience for fans, by fans. We’ll invite input from viewers on everything from programming to showcasing fan art submissions on-air and online.”

Toonami has already recently return in the United States as part of Adult Swim on Saturday nights. Maybe we will see the DragonBall series return Cartoon Network’s Toonami block after all!

Source: ANN

Toonami is Back AdultSwim DragonBall Z Returns to Toonami...In Asia Only