On YouTube, FUNimation’s official channel held a live interview event with Gen Fukunaga, Matt O’Hara, & Chris Sabat about the DBZ Blu-Rays. In it, they discuss how DBZ came to FUNimation and the long journey to get the show on Blu-Ray disc. In short, they basically remastered the original film prints which they have never had the opportunity to use before, and kept the original 4:3 aspect ratio and transferred the film onto Blu-Ray in 1080p and added lossless Dolby HD sound. If you ask me, I’d refrain from buying these “Level 1.1, Level 1.2, Level 1.3,” etc. box sets and wait for FUNimation to inevitably release Blu-Ray season sets. It would make more financial sense and take up less space in your entertainment center. But, you can waste your money if you want! Watch the Interview below.