Dragonball Evolution Japanese Voice Dub

Many of us got the chance to check out the dubbed Japanese version of Dragonball Evolution and many have agreed that it really did improve the movie. Something you may have not known, is several Japanese voice actors for the live action movie have also created voice overs in the DragonBall anime and video games (along with dozens of other anime/JP film). Here are a few examples.

- Aya Hirano (Bulma in Dragonball Evolution) voiced Dende in DragonBall Kai.
- Hisao Egawa (Yamcha in Dragonball Evolution) voiced Piroshiki in DragonBall Kai and Spopovich amongst other characters from DBZ.
- Mami Koyama (the Narrator in Dragonball Evolution) voiced Lunch in DB Z GT and several DragonBall video games.
- Kappei Yamaguchi (Son Goku in Dragonball Evolution) most notable for voicing Inuyasha.

And thanks to “The Time Traveller” from Daizex we have a few audio clips of certain scenes from the Dragonball Evolution movie including Goku’s Kamehameha, Goku asking Shenlong to bring Master Roshi back to life, a conversation between Bulma and Yamcha and more! Check those clips out below!

Son Goku and Shenlong


Bulma and Yamcha

Piccolo and Mai