newdbe04 145x110 The Recent IMDB Additions for Dragonball 2 RebornThis post is just to inform everyone that we have officially come to the conclusion that all recent additions to the cast of Dragonball Reborn are in fact fake. No, we have not yet received official confirmation denying the recent rumors, but it’s safe to assume that they are both a hoax and incompetent approvals on IMDB’s part. Nonetheless, if you’re interested in what has recently been added to the IMDB cast list for Dragonball Reborn that we haven’t reported, continue reading this entry.

Ernie Hudson … Mr. Popo (rumored)
Sammo Hung Kam-Bo … King Kai (rumored)
James Lew … Tao Pai Pai (rumored)

The first obvious thing wrong with this is the casting of Mr. Popo. Ernie Hudson played Sifu Norris (originally Master Mutaito) in DB Evolution, therefore he would logically remain the same character (unless you’re one of those skeptics out there that could possibly believe DB Reborn is a reboot). But that’s not possible unless the director, James Wong, planned a reboot when the initial script for Dragonball Reborn was written.

Next on the new characters involved is Tao Pai Pai (Mercenary Tao). I do not see the point of bringing this character in when the Red Ribbon Army was never even introduced in DB Evolution. His only goal in the original anime was to destroy Son Goku on behalf of the RR Army. Sure, this aspect could be later introduced in a different way, but I see it as another one of those additions that are too good to be true.

What’s next…? Oh right, King Kai. The only way he could be in the sequel is if the next film ends in yet another cliffhanger in which Goku has died and went on to the Other World. I don’t see the next film putting any time in introducing Goku’s brother, Goku becoming allies with Piccolo, introducing every other new character (Gohan, Tien, Krillin, etc), having an epic battle between Goku, Piccolo and Raditz, Goku’s death, Goku’s training with King Kai and returning to Earth to have another epic battle with Vegeta. But hey, we all saw how much DB Evolution changed the original plot, so anything could happen. Remember how long (*cough* short) it took for Goku to train under Master Roshi in DB Evolution?

Another thing wrong with the initial casting list is the fact that the original actors are only rumored to replay their roles, yet they have been signed on to do any possible sequels. Along with this, is the fact that actors such as James Marsters are currently very busy with other projects. This is not to say the sequel could film at a later time, but it does confirm the Dragonball movie sequel has not recently been filmed nor will it film anytime soon.

So please just dismiss any new additions to IMDB regarding Dragonball. That is until we (or anyone else) acquires official confirmation from 20th Century FOX that a sequel to Dragonball Evolution is in the works. So I am sorry to anyone that got their hopes up, but I did also state not to rely on IMDB. Who knows…I could be wrong, but that is highly unlikely at this point.