gokuandball high 276x300 Lack of Dragonball Evolution Movie Sequel News

Stay tuned to DB Legends as a sequel may in fact happen after all.

We all know James Wong said a sequel may not happen if the Dragonball film bombs domestically. And we also all heard James Marsters saying a sequel has been green lit on several occasions. But since early 2009, we have yet to hear any official confirmations on whether or not a Dragonball sequel (Dragonball Reborn) will indeed occur. Since then it has been nothing but speculation and rumors. I expected to hear something from 20th Century FOX on the one year anniversary of the movie, even it was just a statement saying the planned Dragonball movie trilogy is no more. Maybe it is just one of those cases where they want to forget it ever happened and move on, with some hope another studio will pick it back up later and reboot it.

So, consider the Dragonball sequel trashed and just get back to watching the anime (Dragon Ball Z Kai). If we do hear anything, we will try and report it, but I would not get my hopes up. Asides from all that, discuss in the comments on whether you would like to see a sequel, a reboot or that Hollywood should just leave the Dragon Ball franchise alone.