2a8nty1 300x286 Matt Mullins as Vegeta RumorsOk, I really do not know where this came from (aside from fan material). But it seems a lot of people say Matt Mullins will be playing Vegeta in Dragnball 2 Reborn. Let me clarify this rumor. No one aside from the original cast that signed on to the sequels have been cast yet. 20th Century FOX has yet to even confirm that the sequel is in development, let alone who they cast for it. All this is really is just fan speculation. Now I have read somewhere that Matt Mullins said in an interview that he would like to play the role as Vegeta. But even if that is true, it still does not confirm anything. The sequel is just speculation, and will be until we get some confirmation. Even James Marsters has said it is only rumor that they will begin development soon for Dragonball 2 : Reborn (tentative title).