kingpiccolologo Dragon Ball : Revenge of King Piccolo Review

The first exclusive Dragon Ball game to hit the Nintendo Wii, Revenge of King Piccolo. It is a breathe of fresh air to any Dragon Ball fan to finally have a unique game without the “Z” in its title. This side scroller adventure is a must have for any fan.

The game starts out with the Adventure Mode as Goku and Bulma search for the Dragonballs. Adventure mode plays as a side scroller platformer with its own unique 3D type aspects. It plays unlike any other Dragon Ball game with its repetetive enemies and levels. But the plus side is its combat system.

Goku has a number of attacks and combos. After slamming opponents, he can glide through the air and finish them off (if stunned). And not only can he perform simple punches/kicks, he also uses his power pole to defeat his enemies.

The adventure mode does follow Dragon Ball’s storyline pretty exact. Goku will face off against many familiar bosses that are not quite as easy as the enemies. These boss battles can get quite tiresome but are full of enjoyment.

There’s also a Tournament mode which kind of plays like any other Dragon Ball game. You face on and on against several opponents to try and win the cash prize. But the plus side of this is the fighting system is free roaming unlike previous DB games.

Here’s our rating on the game.

Music 7/10 – You will hear a lot of familiar songs from previous games and from the anime in Revenge of King Piccolo. However they did throw a few music themes that seem to not fit Dragon Ball at all.

Gameplay 8/10 – The adventure mode gives a unique experience to the player with the fun of a side scrolling platformer. Enemies do get repetitive, but the boss battles make up for that.

Graphics 7/10 - Every character design is designed very well. It brings out the anime style in all of them. The unlockable character models are also some eyecandy for any fan.

Multiplayer 6/10 – This game is slacking in the multiplayer department. You can only par up against someone in the tournament mode. The game would have been much more enjoyable if a friend could team up with Goku during Adventure mode as Yamcha, Krillin, etc.

Difficulty 6/10 – This game is a cake walk when just passing through levels and defeating all the enemies. The only challenge is against certain bosses that will give the player a good fight.

Overall 6.8 – Dragon Ball Revenge of King Piccolo turned out to be a very enjoyable game aside from its difficulty during the levels. The unlockable skills gives the game an extra boost of enjoyment while the sound/character model unlockables seem to have only been thrown in there last minute. Adventure mode is fun for any fan as it gives a new experience to Dragon Ball games, while the torunament mode seems like the same old story. But in the end, it is a must have for any fan. This game should inspire newer Dragon ball titles in the future.

 Dragon Ball : Revenge of King Piccolo Review